Our story began with a family conversation around a campfire,

With years of hospitality and professional cheffing between us, we decided to bring all of our skills together as a family and create a business to reflect our personal journey and appreciations.
After months of brainstorming Blowin Smoke & Barbecue was created.

Our idea included us doing everything from scratch, using quality ingredients right down to the basics of making and eventually selling all of our own rubs, sauces, pickles, relish’s and more.

In turn.. all of our quality meats are full of flavour using our homemade wet or dry rubs and sauces. that will keep you wanting more!

Blowin smoke and barbecue offers a selection of menus to cater for your needs.
We also love to work with our guests to custom design menu’s.. And aim to give everyone their own personalised experience.
We cater for all events such as weddings, engagement parties, birthdays, even down to quality small events, such as canapés and share platters.

Experiencing quality from our family to yours!

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